Get an Artisan, Hand-Crafted Package Design with Kraft Cartons by Norka

Natural Packaging Options by Norka Inc

There are many design choices to consider when finalizing your product packaging. Elements like color, shape, size, and overall aesthetic are critical to your product's performance on the shelf.


Norka Inc. keeps a close eye on the latest trends in the packaging and design industry. The 'natural' packaging look - with unbleached materials, natural brown appearance, and a hand-crafted artisan appeal - is increasing in popularity. Bending chip has always been a very common material reserved for inner packs and cartons, and this material is quickly making its way to outer packaging. These packaging materials are being chosen over other options for the attractive natural brown appearance, good printability, and handcrafted feel.

From 100% recycled to virgin grades, various thicknesses and economical materials are available. Whether for retail or inner packs, we can help you to select the best and most cost-effective material for your application.

Benefits to Kraft Cartons:

  • Customized die-cut designs available
  • Low density, high-yield
  • 100% recyclable to virgin grades
  • Multiple board weight options
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for natural/organic products

Norka offers a variety of Packaging and Prototyping Options, including:



100% Recycled Board
Our recycled board contains a minimum of 35% post-consumer content and 65% pre-consumer content. Packaging products using recycled board is a great way to meet customers rising expectations for environmentally responsible packaging.

SFI Certified Board
The virgin fiber board we use comes from mills that are certified to the Sustainable Forest Initiative to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Soy Based Inks
High-performance low VOC inks from environmentally friendly raw materials.

Aqueous Coatings
We use water-based protective coatings to provide a high gloss surface, protecting the surface from fingerprints, dirt, smudges, and scratching. They make an excellent eco-friendly alternative to conventional varnishes or UV coatings.

Minimizing Carton Size
Norka’s design experts will work with you to deliver maximum packaging and display performance while minimizing the amount of packaging material used. This results in less waste to the environment and lower cost to you.

Norka’s In-House Paper Converting Capabilities

Norka’s In-House Paper Converting Capabilities

High-quality stock materials and sheeting to your exact specifications – It’s what sets Norka apart.

We know you have many options in choosing the best Printing and Converting partner for your company’s needs. Norka, Inc. provides its customers with more than just impressive product packaging design and cost savings. Due to our unique in-house converting process, Norka provides its customers with extremely fast turnaround times on customized printing and packaging orders.


Why In-House Converting Matters

One of Norka, Inc.’s greatest competitive advantages is our extremely fast turnaround times while still maintaining the quality our customers expect from us. We keep large quantities of roll stock in our inventory at all times, which means we will always have the ability to complete custom orders on time. Our in-house paper converting process means that our team of printers and designers is able to create the perfect sheet sizes for custom orders. We optimize the layout and sheet size to fully maximize product output while minimizing scrap and wasted paper. By minimizing waste and carefully monitoring quality, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of printing, especially for orders that require specialty papers.


Extensive In-House Paper Converting Capabilities

Our in-house paper converting process allows us to fully customize your order to your exact specifications. Some of our paper converting capabilities include:

  • Trimming
  • Die Cutting
  • Perfing
  • Scoring
  • Hole Punching
  • Folding
  • Gluing and Adhesive Application
  • Customized, Non-Standard Cutting


Lean, Efficient Paper Converting Processes

Norka’s lean, in-house converting process ensures that a significant cost savings is passed onto all of our customers. In addition to cost optimization, in-house Converting significantly reduces your order’s lead time. Since we keep a large inventory of materials in stock at all times, most orders are able to be fully processed, converted, and printing within 24 hours.


With our unprecedented flexibility, quick order turn-around, and the shortest lead time – Norka delivers what others simply cannot!


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Norka Showcases New Product Packaging at Conference

Same Product, Innovative New Product Packaging by Norka, Inc. 

Norka Inc. to Showcase New Packaging Ideas at the National Candle Association Annual Conference


Norka, Inc. prides itself on always innovating and constantly improving on the product packaging and design for its customers. That’s why Norka is releasing its latest printing and packaging innovations and designs, specifically for candle products, at the National Candle Association’s 2018 Annual Conference.


Norka Inc. is a leading printing and converting of paperboard packaging company headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin. The National Candle Association Annual Conference and Expo takes place in Weston, Florida. While Norka is located in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, its innovations and product packaging designs are renown across the country and found on shelves across the globe. 


Norka Inc., showcased ideas and new product design innovations in the main expo hall at table #7.  Along with bringing its traditional high quality folding cartons, Norka shared new candle packaging designs and product concepts.  


A note from Norka Package Design Leaders: 

“The NCA expo is a great opportunity to get our latest paperboard innovations in front of creative decision makers,” said Dustin Utschig, COO of Norka.  “We are excited to be showing off the best of what Norka is bringing in 2018 to the candle industry.”

Attendees can see several of their latest concepts including sleeves, cartons, and multi-packs.  Adding a new level of design, creativity, and improvements to traditional packaging, Norka’s packaging innovations helps brands deliver more impact and stand out from their competitors. 

Norka, Inc. is excited to present creative design and innovative new product ideas to a product line that is extremely competitive. We look forward to continuing to lead the packaging design industry and to helping our customers succeed, both on the shelf and in the store.

Norka, Inc. is a key brand within the Visual Pak family. Visual Pak is a group of interdependent companies with packaging, printing, and design capabilities that deliver world class product packaging.

The Visual Pak Companies provides liquid blending and filling, contract manufacturing, contract packaging, thermoforming, chipboard & paperboard printing and converting, packaging and labeling, assembly, steam and heat shrink, nationwide distribution and warehousing fulfillment and logistics services.

 The Visual Pak Companies plants operate around the clock and distribute products across the nation. Learn more about Norka Inc at and Visual Pak’s vertical integration at

Go Beyond the Box With Your Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design by Norka, Inc


Differentiate from the competition, increase perceived market value, and sell more products on the shelf with Expert Packaging Design by Norka, Inc. 

Your product’s packaging and package design is the first touch point and strongest advertising billboard you have when attracting customers to your brand and drawing them away from your competitors. While graphics are often the focus of a product package, structural design can have a huge impact on your product’s sales.


It’s no surprise that great packaging design can lead to increased product sales. By simply differentiating from your competition in packaging form, size, or even shape, you can stand out from the rest without spending a high dollar amount on package design.


At Norka, we elevate your products to new levels with a strategic packaging design that perfectly represents your branding and that complements your current production needs. From the idea stage to a fully completed design, we optimize each step for maximum functionality at minimum cost. We create budget-friendly sizes, shapes, and layouts that perform beautifully during shipping and dazzle on the retail shelf – faster than our competitors.


The skilled structural package designers at Norka, Inc. can craft a carton that looks great and performs flawlessly for all – from the packager to the brand owner, all the way down to the consumer themselves – all while achieving the desired look. Our packaging design team can change the shape of your package, incorporate a uniquely shaped cut-out or window to display your product more prominently, and/or reduce the number of pieces within a package.


View the Hexagon Carton Printing and Product Packaging Case Study to learn about specially-sized product packaging options by Norka. 

With our team of creative structural and packaging designers, Norka can support your product packaging development needs. We offer ideas, structure, and designs to optimize functionality while minimizing cost.


Get affordable, cost-effective product and packaging design by Norka Inc! Contact us today.


Hexagon Carton Printing and Product Packaging Case Study

Norka, Inc Printing, Prototyping, and Product Packaging Case Study

Original case study featured on VisualPak. Read original content here: Create More Impact

Vivid Shelf Presence Through Structure: Hexagon Cartons

At Norka, Inc, we know our customers want to be different, stand-out, and of course sell more product. With limited space and endless competition on the shelf, it is more important than ever to make a visually appealing, beautiful package design that captures your audience’s attention. Norka is a leader in expert prototype design and innovative carton structure creation, helping our customers’ brands have a greater impact, better shelf presence, and sell more inventory!


A recent design case study

Our customer had a product package that required serious production demands – bright, vivid colors, a uniquely shaped construction,  and an auto bottom so fill rates could be achieved. The packaging needed to flexible enough to hold multiple items in one package, and it had to show the product itself through a die cut window – all while keeping the varying bottle heights all safely secure in the packaging.

As if the above requirements were not challenging enough, the final challenge was that the product needed to look like a holiday ornament – ready to give as a gift and be placed on a tree or used as a decor item. The production company had had other printers turn down their designs because of the difficulty level, but the Norka team knew they could make an amazing packaging design and was up to the challenge.

The final result

The final result was a beautiful, robustly designed hexagonal carton with distinct panels, a die cut window, embellished with 4 color printing, gloss aqueous coating, a foil stamp, and an applied satin ribbon. To top off the perfectly designed and printed product packaging carton, the job was finished on time and under budget, with a dynamic and easy to assemble design.


product packaging hexagon norka inc appleton wisconsin

We love exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to Product Packaging and Design. We want to ensure that your product not only looks great but also beats the competition and attracts more eyes than any other similar products.

Ready to start a packaging design project with Norka, Inc?