Norka would love to introduce one of our most critical employees – Jeff Berger, Structural Design Manager. Jeff has been with Norka for over four years now and brought a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience to us – and has allowed us to step up our service offerings to our customers. His favorite part of being a designer is when the response to a design or mockup is “this is EXACTLY what we had in mind!” Although there are always challenges in design, a daily challenge for Jeff is being able to strike a balance between what the customer wants and what is actually able to be achieved in production – sometimes, there is a balance that needs to happen between the initial design and what is machinable – but he is so creative and forward-thinking that solutions are found easily.

Customers come with a series of needs and his job is to always understand that this is an ever-evolving process of creation as needs – and the market – are always changing. Asking too MANY questions is never a bad thing, as far as Jeff is concerned – what is critical is knowing how many factors are taken into account in the overall design process: manufacturability, cost efficiency, structural integrity, uniqueness, eco-friendliness, sustainability, theft prevention. The list goes on! Whatever your folding carton packaging needs, know that we have an amazing resource in place to be able to think outside the box (yes, we had to go there), get your products packaged for maximum shelf impact – and count on the rest of the Norka team to deliver the results faster than the current market. Contact us today to learn how we can refresh, revise, redesign and recalibrate your packaging needs!

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