Industry-Leading Paperboard Packaging Services

Meeting the Unique Demands of Your Product

At Norka, we get that you put a lot of trust in your paperboard packaging partner. The carton or blister card needs to look great, but it also has to reliably perform in downstream filling or assembly operations. Beyond that, it should draw your customer’s eye and share important information about your product while protecting its integrity on the shelf. We also understand it’s important that your printed paperboard packaging maintains a consistent color appearance across multiple runs and other printed packaging that conveys your brand.

With modern equipment, experienced staff, and a variety of value-added services, we have the tools to deliver on your expectations.

Versatile Capacity, Reliable Inventory, Rapid Turnaround Times

We have the capacity to accommodate small, medium, and large sized runs – so if you are an established brand or an entrepreneurial start-up, Norka is the right partner for you.

Our Paperboard Packaging & Service Promise

Reliable Performance

Our team, equipment, and procedures ensure that your packaging performs well in downstream operations.

Consistent Color

Our prepress and printing operations maintain color accuracy across all packaging for your brand.

Design Expertise

We can help you create the perfect carton for your application.


We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly deliver samples and prototypes for sales meetings, photo shoots, presentations, etc.

Industry Aggressive Lead Times

Our teams maintain a disciplined schedule, robust inventory levels and work hard to meet your timelines.

Paperboard Inventory Levels

We successfully manage a healthy supply of raw materials to manage diverse packaging needs at all times.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Whenever needed, we will work out a VMI program for you, limiting your overhead and saving you time.

Our Value-Added Services Make Packaging & Printing Even Easier

Design and Prototyping Circle
Design & Prototyping

Create the perfect carton and bring it to life with our cost-effective prototyping options.

Printing and Finishing Circle
Printing & Finishing

Experience superior color accuracy and extensive finishing capabilities including precise die cutting, folding, and gluing.

Norka Sustainable Circle 250
Sustainable Packaging

Explore a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging solutions to meet your sustainability goals.

Our Paperboard Packaging Products Include:

Folding Packaging
Folding Cartons

Break the mold with original and uniquely shaped structured folding cartons. Show your consumers just how striking folding cartons can be and let your packaging become retail art. What can we do for you?

  • Window Cartons
  • Retail Display
  • Trays Multi and Variety Packs
  • Sleeves and Boots
  • And more…

Want to think about saving money on your current corrugate displays? Presenting individual cartons within a retail paperboard display tray would be a great alternative.

Blister Cards
Blister Cards

Whether traditional face seal or the trapped blister card design, blister cards are one of the most crucial peggable components to for certain retail shelf specifications. With inline heat seal coating, talk to us about how we can maximize press runs over multiple SKU’s. Our vast coating options cover any material you are using for your blisters.

Let’s Connect and Get Started

No matter what industry you are in, we’re here to answer your packaging questions. Contact us to get started on your next paperboard packaging project!