Sure, these may look like dull and plain cartons, but these are money-saving bad boys of packaging! An e-commerce platform (you know who we are talking about!) charged a customer for the overall outer dimensions of a plastic pouch, including the air inside the plastic bag that was supposed to protect the products during shipment.

That customer approached Norka looking for different ideas. Our team developed a carton that fit the products precisely with improvement—by reducing the need for all the costly air as padding, printing a one-color item (for easy warehouse fulfillment), and solving this supply chain issue in less than five weeks (including providing mockup samples, art proofing, and production)!

With this ever-growing segment of this product, our customer is delighted to be able to order higher volumes at the best pricing and select the product in releases from Norka’s vast warehouse space.

The world of e-commerce doesn’t always need full graphics, but it DOES need tremendous and cost-effective solutions.

Let us know how we can assist with retail packaging as well as the ever-evolving e-commerce world – and streamline costs with the design and manufacturing capabilities found at Norka!

Online Shopping Patterns


Chance is? You are one of these shoppers.

What’s driving this dramatically increased change in buying behaviors?  You cannot overlook the role that a global pandemic has had on the retail in-store level’s massive changes.

This trend does not only impact giant retailers. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are also adapting, with nearly two-thirds expecting to lean more heavily on online sales in the future. How much will U.S. SMBs rely on e-commerce post-pandemic?

Here’s what one survey showed as the future predictors:

  • 30.7% Rely the same amount on e-commerce
  • 34.8% Rely somewhat more on e-commerce
  • 31.6% rely much more on e-commerce
  • 3% rely much less on e-commerce

That is absolutely noteworthy!

Based on the new consumer buying habits and patterns, it is highly likely that these numbers should remain consistently on the increase for the future than the pre-COVID-19 established shopping behaviors. 

With this drastic increase and move to e-commerce platforms for so many businesses, let Norka help with a new look at your folding cartons for the e-commerce selling space. 

Do you need all the bells and whistles for printing and finishing required for shelf space and visibility? Do you need sturdier folding cartons that will need to survive shipping in smaller corrugate cartons – and not have the solid, safe surroundings shrink-wrapped with bumpers on a pallet? What can the Norka team provide as you expand further into this E-Commerce space?

This market change has been a boon for packaging and points the spotlight of sustainability on the industry. Brands are using paper packaging as a sustainable choice to get their products delivered to customers. And with so many options available to the brand owner, let the Norka team help you with the myriad of details to provide folding carton packaging cost-effectively as well as adhering to sustainability requirements. According to Nielsen, in 2018, 81% of global consumers felt strongly that companies should help the environment. We are here to help and fully support the best packaging practices and what you need to know. 

Call us today to get some new designs started for this ever-changing E-Commerce world. 

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