Kraft and Chipboard Inner Folding Cartons

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High Quality Output, Budget Friendly

Great printability and high quality output that won't break your budget.

Recyclable, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Norka offers a wide range of options, from 100% recycled to virgin grades, with various thicknesses and economical materials. 

Printing and Packaging All Under One Roof

Because all our processes are under one roof, Norka, Inc., we can optimize our processes, minimize lead time, and reduce costs. 


Kraft Folding Carton Paperboard Packaging

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Norka specializes in a wide variety of paperboard packaging, including Chipboard Inner and Kraft Folding cartons. Bending chip has long been a common material for inner packs and inner folding cartons. However, we are seeing growing demand for unbleached retail cartons. Whether for retail or inner boxes, we can help you to select the best and most cost-effective material for your application.


Showcasing a natural look, unbleached and uncoated folding cartons are becoming more popular.


Budget, Consumer, and Eco Friendly Packaging

With more options available, brands turn to these packaging materials for their attractive organic, natural look/feel and eco-friendly features. Contrary to common belief, "kraft" cartons have good printability. The basic one-color (black) print needs no introduction: it's bold and looks phenomenal with almost every design. You are by no means limited to one color; you can go with CMYK printing options. The paperboard's fibers will be visible through the ink, adding the texture element to enhance your graphics further. 


Chipboard inner folding cartons are one of the most versatile packaging substrates that deliver on protection and stability. Kraft paperboard is moisture-resistant, which is excellent against harsh supply chain handling. From 100% recycled to virgin grades, various thicknesses and economical materials are available. You can also incorporate custom paperboard inserts, spacers, and paperboard fillers to secure your products in place. The rugged texture also offers protection against scratches and chafing. This type of paperboard substrate is thick and durable in any size. Kraft our chipboard inner boxes are ideal for any product. 


Die-cutting on kraft? Oh yes, let's give your branding a personal touch and give your customers visibility to your products. Custom Die-cutting helps tell your brand story and bring your brand identity elements to life. Why not display and protect your products at the same time. 


Benefits to Kraft Cartons:

  • Cost-effective
  • Low density, high yield
  • Customized die-cut designs available 
  • 100% recyclable to virgin grades
  • Multiple board weight options
  • Great for natural/organic products


In today's world, the unboxing experience a critical touchpoint to connect and build your consumer's experience, which brings us to box closure methods. Always keep in mind - presentation and function. Is your box carton or box easy to open? Does it require inserts, spacers, or trays to keep your items in place? Consider the means of unpackaging your goods for a successful reveal.