Innovative and Unique Package Design

Folding Cartons, Innovative Structures, Contract Packaging, Die-Cutting, Design, Prototyping, and Structural Design

Any Market, Any Product

Unique products require unique packaging. Norka offers styles of packaging from the standard box or folding cartons.

Enhanced Shelf Appeal

Stand out from the competition both on and off the shelf with Innovative Packaging customized to your brand needs.

Printing and Packaging All Under One Roof

Because all our processes are under one roof, Norka, Inc., we can optimize our processes, minimize lead time, and reduce costs. 



View Portfolio Examples of Innovative Folding Cartons

Some products need outside the box thinking and require more than a standard box. Break the mold with original and uniquely shaped structured folding cartons. Show your consumers just how striking folding cartons can be and let your packaging become retail art.


Unique and Innovative Packaging

At Norka, we understand that your product is one-of-a-kind and your paperboard packaging needs are equally important. Whether you know precisely how you want your folding carton structure to look or you need a partner to produce unique designs - we are here for you. 


Nothing represents your brand to consumers like your packaging! While graphics and colors are often the focus, structural design (how a package is shaped and presented) can make a more elevated, positive impression and help your goods stand out from your competition. Our packaging experts focus on understanding the unique features of your product. Then they create innovative structural concepts that help elevate your brand. 


Our team of structural designers and engineers work seamlessly together to deliver unique concepts. We proactively and routinely offer high-impact, creative, and innovative product and packaging ideas. We create, design, manufacture, and manage all aspects, which results in record-breaking speed to market. 


Any Shape, Any Market - we offer more elevated styles of boxes and folding cartons, including:

  • Gable top Cartons
  • Wrap Boxes
  • Inserts
  • Octagon Cartons
  • Hexagon Carton
  • Triangle Cartons
  • Pyramid Boxes
  • Bottle Neckers
  • Unique Carriers
  • Candy Confections


It's our goal to bring you innovative packaging solutions that reduce material costs while delivering high-impact results. We reduce red-tape and obstacles, introducing new concepts faster than your competition.


Help your products stand out with unique, eye-catching, and affordable, innovative folding cartons by Norka!