What do we mean by “Paperboard Packaging”?

We are glad you asked!  And really, what IS paperboard and what are some key things to know about paperboard packaging?

Paperboard is a very thick paper that can be easily cut, folded, scored, die cut and just as importantly?  It can be printed in multiple show-stopping colors – because it is the printing that makes paperboard packaging so critical to eye-catching shelf presence.

Folding cartons are a vital component of “paperboard packaging” — they are created from various paperboard thicknesses and substrates. Norka can print/die cut and fold/glue anywhere from 10 to 28 pt for thickness. We work with a wide range of substrates (SBS, SUS, Kraft, CCNB, CKB and many others) – and we stock most of the standard ones in our inventory to be highly responsive to your production needs with minimal lead times.

Sometimes, people refer to paperboard as a one-size-fits-all terms such as “cardboard” or “chipboard” – and candidly, from our perspective?  That’s really such a generic somewhat negative catch-all phrase since the various types of paperboard yield so many printing nuances to really make your packaging sell your brand!

In addition to the fabulous impressions folding cartons provide on the store shelf, consumers can count on the recyclability and sustainability of paperboard.  And you can count on Norka to be able to provide the best solutions to your environmental goals with full FSC certification.

Paperboard packaging – it’s the quiet packaging workhorse that solidly and reliably takes your product on the journey from your facility to the consumer and proudly delivers your brand message.  Count on Norka Inc. to be there with you!

We love exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to Product Packaging and Design. We want to ensure that your product not only looks great but also beats the competition and attracts more eyes than any other similar products.

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