Product Packaging Design by Norka, Inc

Your product’s packaging and package design is the first touch point and strongest advertising billboard you have when attracting customers to your brand and drawing them away from your competitors. While graphics are often the focus of a product package, structural design can have a huge impact on your product’s sales.

It’s no surprise that great packaging design can lead to increased product sales. By simply differentiating from your competition in packaging form, size, or even shape, you can stand out from the rest without spending a high dollar amount on package design.

At Norka, we elevate your products to new levels with a strategic packaging design that perfectly represents your branding and that complements your current production needs. From the idea stage to a fully completed design, we optimize each step for maximum functionality at minimum cost. We create budget-friendly sizes, shapes, and layouts that perform beautifully during shipping and dazzle on the retail shelf – faster than our competitors.

The skilled structural package designers at Norka, Inc. can craft a carton that looks great and performs flawlessly for all – from the packager to the brand owner, all the way down to the consumer themselves – all while achieving the desired look. Our packaging design team can change the shape of your package, incorporate a uniquely shaped cut-out or window to display your product more prominently, and/or reduce the number of pieces within a package.

View the Hexagon Carton Printing and Product Packaging Case Study to learn about specially-sized product packaging options by Norka. 

With our team of creative structural and packaging designers, Norka can support your product packaging development needs. We offer ideas, structure, and designs to optimize functionality while minimizing cost.

Explore our packaging projects and learn more about how we meet our clients’ needs by checking out our project gallery!

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