Design & Prototyping by Norka Inc

Norka Inc prides itself on ensuring the complete and total satisfaction of our customers, and we continue to work hard to produce quality designs and prototyping at a cost-effective rate. Our printing and prototyping expertise, our strict quality control measures, and devoted customer service team all ensure that every order placed with Norka exceeds your expectations without exceeding your budget.



Nothing represents your brand to consumers like packaging! While graphics and colors are often the focus, structural design (the way a package is shaped and presented) can make a greater positive impression and help your product really stand out from your competition. Help your products stand out with unique, eye-catching, and affordable product design by Norka!



At Norka, we elevate your products to new levels with a strategic design that perfectly represents your branding and that complements your current production needs. From ideas to completed designs, we optimize each step for maximum functionality at minimum cost. We create budget-friendly sizes, shapes, and layouts that perform beautifully during shipping and dazzle on the retail shelf – faster than our competitors.


When it comes to packaging, sketches, renderings, and white samples only tell part of the story. A fully rendered and printed mock-up is the best way to convey your product’s true impact. For presentations, trade shows, photo shoots, or sales samples, we can create full-color prototypes that look and function just like the finished package. For the most accurate depiction possible, we leverage inks and substrates that closely resemble the paperboard and inks used in production.

  • Pre-press, graphic design and art support
  • Award-winning structural design staff
  • Creative, innovative, and high impact designs
  • Full-color prototypes at your facility – as fast as 24 hours

Professional, modern, and clean packaging development and packaging design is a core competency at Norka. Our award-winning structural design staff has been credited with many patents. We are confident that our skilled team of design and prototyping experts can create the perfect prototype for your printing order.

PrototypingWe work closely with our printing, prototyping, and design customers to bring their ideas first to life, then to market. We know that time is a critical factor for many of our prototyping and design customers, and delays in production completion can be costly and stressful. Our design and prototyping team are not only experts in their fields, but they are also extremely efficient! We offer fully customized, skillfully designed prototypes that can be delivered to your facility for use within 24 hours of your order being completed.

At Norka, Inc., your printing, packaging, and prototyping needs will be completed by highly skilled employees using the design industry standard for software. Our state-of-the-art printing and prototyping equipment ensures your project will be finalized and produced as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money. Our production and printing techniques mesh graphics seamlessly with structural designs, and we’re confident we can exceed all of your design and prototyping needs.