Norka’s Company Mission

From Standalone to Turnkey – Norka Does It All

We are all about QUALITY. We are all about EFFICIENCY. We are all about FLEXIBILITY. And we hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE.

We have world-class facilities, abundant capacity, deep experience, and a 25+ year track record. But it is PERSONALIZED SERVICE that sets us apart- taking the time to truly understand our customer’s business: COMMUNICATING like crazy, whether good news or bad; sweating the project details from start to finish; COLLABORATING with customers and colleagues to achieve breakthroughs in INNOVATION.

At the Visual Pak Companies, we CONTINUOUSLY INVEST in our business – in people, in plant and equipment, in technology. It’s how we stay relevant to our customers, minimize their risk, and help them meet the competitive challenges they face, now and in the future.


Statement of Norka, Inc. Business Values


Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees, vendors and the communities in which we live. Establishing a trusting attitude between all parties is the first step to achieving that goal.


Using open and honest communication we will hold each other accountable. Through our actions and words, we will always strive to move forward in a positive direction.


We are committed to continuous improvement. Investments will be made to ensure that advanced education and technology will ensure consistent growth. Engaging our employees through direct involvement and decision-making will insure we will always be forward-focused.


We will challenge ourselves to always attain superior levels of business and personal achievement. By recognizing and celebrating our successes, we will inspire a culture of commitment to excellence.


Norka will strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. We will deliver products on-time; defect-free and at a competitive price.

We guarantee high quality output for your business or brand for all of our services. If you’re interested in learning about Norka’s Packaging, Printing, Paper Converting, Paperboard services, contact us today!