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Protective, Attractive Packaging
Sturdy, protective packaging that beautifully displays your products.
Customized Windowing

We customize your product's blister card packaging to best display your products.

Printing and Packaging All Under One Roof

Because all our processes are under one roof, Norka, Inc., we can optimize our processes, minimize lead time, and reduce costs. 



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Blister Cards

A single blister card is a single piece of paperboard that can be cut into any shape. The board is coated with a layer of heat seal coating to bond to a blister. Single blister cards can be printed on only one side or on both sides of the cardboard, depending on the packaging application. 


Blister packaging is very commonly used in packaging and package design, mainly used for packing together retail products, such as tools, cosmetics, household goods. This flexible, consumer-friendly packaging option offers high visibility of the product while providing full protection against damage. 


Types of Blister Cards

  • Single Blister Cards
  • Front & Back Blister Cards
  • Foldover Blister Cards


Blister Card Benefits

  • Additional Billboard space
  • Distinctive Finishing Options
  • Product Protection
  • Line of perforation for easier opening 
  • Theft resistance
  • Great for hybrid packaging
  • Sustainable Options
  • Ideal for all markets


Our fully integrated packaging resource can seamlessly deliver both your blister cards and blisters. There are tons of intricate designs and functions supported by a simple blister card. Whether traditional face seal or the trending trapped blister card design, blister cards are one of the most crucial components to complete your packaging. Not only do blister cards boost your impact, but they also help deliver your story and educate the consumer on product use.