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Appealing Package Design
Window Folding cartons captivate and engage your consumers and adds an attractive enhancement to your product's impact on the shelf.
Customized Windowing
We customize your carton's Windowing to best display your products. 

Printing and Packaging All Under One Roof
Because all our processes are under one roof, Norka, Inc., we can optimize our processes, minimize lead time, and reduce costs. 



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Windows are a favorite feature in the packaging world for many reasons. They allow your consumers to touch, feel, and get a closer look at your product (revealing all of its intricate details and attributes) while maintaining package integrity and adding appeal to your package design. There are endless windowing options that can transform base folding cartons into unique packaging designs that engage consumers. From classic to innovative designs, the window is the perfect approach to display your products with functionality, creativity, and style.


You'll often hear the term "window patch" - used in manufacturing -which refers to the blank cut of each window registered and glued inside the folding carton. Our automatic rotary window patching and lining equipment add more value by providing a high-speed production line for standard windowing and tailored paperboard packaging. 


Norka Window Capabilities include:

  • Folding Carton with standard window
  • Window with shaped die-cut
  • Window with lengthwise perforation or cut
  • Window with shaper perforation
  • Folding Carton with liner
  • Coupon Insertion
  • Folding Carton with Tear Tape


Specifications and Dimensions:

  • Min carton size is 4" x 4."
  • Max carton size is 30" x 40"
  • Film range is 3 millimeters to 30 millimeters.


Window Folding cartons are the perfect way to captivate and engage your consumers. Window design is limitless and adds an attractive enhancement to your folding carton's overall look and feel. Ask for a carton sample or request a custom design from our Structural Design Team, and we'll provide you with an accurate scale CAD drawing and samples. 

Printing and packaging operations at the same site are convenient, many printers outsource carton windowing, which adds unnecessary handling, transportation, mark-ups. Norka has integrated windowing capabilities that bring our customers convenience, with any structure, any feature, we can handle all aspects of production in-house.  Our processes are aligned to optimize cost and reduce lead time; that's why big brands choose Norka when it matters most.