Norka, Inc. handles all your printing and packaging needs, including

Paperboard Packaging
Paperboard Packaging, Cartons, and Cards - Norka understands the unique demands that are placed on paperboard packaging, and with modern equipment, experienced staff, and a variety of value-added services, we have the tools to deliver on your expectations.

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Norka Turnkey

Paper Converting, Printing, and Packaging Turnkey - We make it easy, because we’re a single supplier offering converting services, printing of packaging materials, and final assembly of finished goods, even fulfillment and warehousing. Partnering with Norka, you can focus on your core business and let us handle the details of getting your product ready for retail.

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Design + Prototyping

Design & Prototyping by Norka - Nothing represents your brand to consumers like packaging. Help your products stand out with unique, eye-catching, and affordable product design by Norka.

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Printing for Packaging, Paperboard, and more! Your package is your brand, your reputation, reflects product quality, and impacts sales. Color accuracy, sharpness, and quality are everything. Whether you’re fulfilling retail, club store or marketing needs, your customers expect the highest quality.

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Packaging and Package Design

Printing and Creation of Product Packaging - For your printing and product packaging needs, Norka is a one-stop shop! We will provide you with a ready-to-fill package that was fully created right here in our Appleton facility. Veteran employees and top of the line equipment ensure your product is beautifully designed and packaged. A carton that performs flawlessly for the manufacturer, the brand owner, and the consumer is essential.

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Paper Converting

Paper Converting - In-house Paper Converting allows Norka to make sure sheeting is done properly on each and every job. Many of our competitors are unable to deliver in a timely manner due to the limitations of out-of-house services. Having the ability to purchase roll paper stock, sheet to exact specifications, and store our inventory in-house has always been a key service that sets us apart from many of our competitors.

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