Paperboard Packaging, Cartons, and Cards by Norka Inc


You place lots of demands on your paperboard packaging. You want your carton or card to look good, of course. But you also expect it to perform well in downstream filling or assembly operations. And because your product is typically displayed on retail shelves for all the world to see, it’s important that the printed carton or card maintain consistent appearance across multiple runs and among other printed packaging that conveys your brand.

Norka understands the unique demands that are placed on paperboard packaging. And with modern equipment, experienced staff, and a variety of value-added services, we have the tools to deliver on your expectations.

Norka is a mid-sized converter with a large “sweet spot”. In other words, we have the capacity for high-volume programs involving tens of millions of pieces, yet we have the flexibility and willingness to take on very small runs too. So whether you’re a “household name” brand owner who needs a responsive supplier for a range of products, or an entrepreneurial startup who needs help launching a first product, Norka is pleased to work with you.

Norka Benefits:


  • Consistent Performance
    • Norka’s staff, equipment, and procedures ensure that your packaging performs well in downstream operations.
  • Consistent Color
    • Norka’s prepress and printing operations maintain color consistency across all packaging for your brand.
  • Design Expertise
    • Norka can help you design the perfect carton for your application.
  • Flexible Lead Times
    • While very disciplined about scheduling generally, Norka nonetheless works hard to make possible the aggressive lead times that are sometimes unavoidable for our customers.
  • Board Stocking and VMI
    • Norka has the ability to manage both raw materials and converted packaging for you.
  • Prototyping
    • We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly deliver samples and prototypes for sales meetings, photo shoots, etc.

Special Benefits for Blister-Card Buyers:


  • Superior Heat-seal Performance 
    • Norka’s system for applying heat-seal coating is superior to that of most converters. Rest assured that our carded packaging will perform well in your heat-sealing operations.
  • Substrate & Ink Options
    • Don’t settle for “stock” substrates and inks. Your brand deserves better. At Norka, your cards aren’t grouped (lumped in? gang-run?) with cards from other Norka customers, so you are free to select from a range of substrates, and you can choose whatever ink colors you like for both front and back sides of cards.
  • Vastly Superior Color Consistency
    • Since you’re not forced to share a press form with a variety of other Norka customers, you can be confident that your colors are consistent and predictable across all your card items.