Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid Packaging including Blister Sealing, Clamshells, Thermoforming, Assembly, Blisters, and more.

Hybrid Packaging Design

Seamless combination of materials bring you the very best in Package Design for Hybrid Packaging.

Customized Thermoforming and Cartoning
We customize your packaging's windowing, designs, and overall aesthetic look for the greatest impact on the shelf. 
Printing and Packaging All Under One Roof

Because all our processes are under one roof, Norka, Inc., we can optimize our processes, minimize lead time, and reduce costs. 



View Portfolio Examples of Countertop Displays

Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package
Hybrid Wax-melt Retail Package


At Norka, we utilize many reliable materials for our custom packaging solutions. When only using one packaging material, typically paper substrates and finish are the means to differentiate. Sometimes, it takes more than one kind of material and finishes to fit our customers' needs. Our packaging experts at our Visual Pak family divisions — thermoform, paperboard, and assembly — work seamlessly together to deliver unique ideas, concepts, and designs. As a team, we've developed a new solution: hybrid packaging.


Hybrid Packaging Displays

Hybrid Packaging is what it sounds like - the perfect balance of thermoforming and paperboard folding cartons. This seamless combination of materials truly brings you the best packaging solutions. Our designers and engineers across all divisions are real gurus in their particular substrates. We internally produce countless packaging solutions – from concept creation, paperboard, corrugate, or thermoforming comps, 3D Prototypes, and Renderings. We work directly with customers and their teams to find material solutions that deliver a desired look and function at the best possible price— our team designs and engineers innovative structures that break the mold and bring cost savings. 


Top Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies from many markets and industries are hungry for impactful, innovative packaging. That packaging must also differentiate from other competitors, reduce the unpacking time, optimize the process from the store's back to the retail shelf, and be on top of the supply chain's needs. More and more each day, shelf space becomes a premium for retailers, with both primary and secondary packaging solutions needing to work together to provide a cohesive retail package. That is what our hybrid packaging designs bring. 


Our goal is to execute winning ideas that differentiate, lift sales, and are flexible enough to adapt to different formats without compromising costs and "one-way stock" efficiencies. Hybrid Packaging projects have proven to increase product safety, stability, and resilience throughout the packing and shipping process. Our contract packaging experience and wealth of knowledge in the supply chain allow our designers to understand each objective any packing needs fully. Some of those essential aspects include customer appeal, cost-to-sell, ease of unpacking, disposal of waste, right through to ease of erecting and filling, and of course, overall packaging cost.


Hybrid Packaging is ideal for all markets and industries, including:

  • Club stores and major retail chains
  • Home Fragrance - candles, reed diffusers
  • Personal Care - beauty and spa gift sets, hair value packs
  • Home Care - cleaning sets or value packs
  • Office and craft supplies
  • Sports and recreation equipment
  • Games & Toy Industries - activities, collections, starter kits
  • Home improvement, hardware, plumbing, automotive
  • Electronics
  • Secondary Food Packaging - snacks, kits, limited-edition packs
  • Promo or Holiday Gift Boxes


Clamshell Packaging

Encapsulating products in a thermoform blister sealed between two blister cards with a hinge is known as clamshell packaging. Clamshells are among the most established packages found in retail. Not only does this packaging solution provide a clear product view and additional product protection during transit, but it can also help to reduce pilferage with a tamper-proof design. This versatile packaging solution encompasses diverse styles with applications across the entire market packaging spectrum — from high-end electronics to children's toys.


By taking advantage of perforated lines in paperboard, you can turn your packaging into the most captivating retail displays. Our creative designers can customize something specific to your brand and product that will engage and charm from every angle. Tailor your full retail presentation with coordinated blister cards, clamshells, folding cartons, and countertop displays to create a cohesive collection for your products.


Our Clamshell Packaging Designs and features include:

  • Paperboard blister cards aka Clamshell inserts
  • Clamshell tray displays
  • Countertop Displays
  • Hybrid Packaging
  • Many design features of a clamshell include interactive consumer try-me features, embossing, tri-fold or footed packages, club packs, or multiple contoured cavities.
  • Designs may include recycled materials.
  • Custom insert cards provide the needed marketing branding, information, and data.


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