Get an Artisan, Hand-Crafted Package Design with Kraft Cartons by Norka

Natural Packaging Options by Norka Inc

There are many design choices to consider when finalizing your product packaging. Elements like color, shape, size, and overall aesthetic are critical to your product’s performance on the shelf.


Norka Inc. keeps a close eye on the latest trends in the packaging and design industry. The ‘natural’ packaging look – with unbleached materials, natural brown appearance, and a hand-crafted artisan appeal – is increasing in popularity. Bending chip has always been a very common material reserved for inner packs and cartons, and this material is quickly making its way to outer packaging. These packaging materials are being chosen over other options for the attractive natural brown appearance, good printability, and handcrafted feel.


From 100% recycled to virgin grades, various thicknesses and economical materials are available. Whether for retail or inner packs, we can help you to select the best and most cost-effective material for your application.

Benefits to Kraft Cartons:

  • Customized die-cut designs available
  • Low density, high-yield
  • 100% recyclable to virgin grades
  • Multiple board weight options
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for natural/organic products


Norka offers a variety of Packaging and Prototyping Options, including:

100% Recycled Board

Our recycled board contains a minimum of 35% post-consumer content and 65% pre-consumer content. Packaging products using recycled board is a great way to meet customers rising expectations for environmentally responsible packaging.

SFI Certified Board

The virgin fiber board we use comes from mills that are certified to the Sustainable Forest Initiative to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Soy Based Inks

High-performance low VOC inks from environmentally friendly raw materials.

Aqueous Coatings
We use water-based protective coatings to provide a high gloss surface, protecting the surface from fingerprints, dirt, smudges, and scratching. They make an excellent eco-friendly alternative to conventional varnishes or UV coatings.

Minimizing Carton Size
Norka’s design experts will work with you to deliver maximum packaging and display performance while minimizing the amount of packaging material used. This results in less waste to the environment and lower cost to you.


Contact Norka Inc. for Hand-Crafted Package Design today!


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