Meet Jeff Berger, Structural Design Manager

Meet Jeff Berger, Structural Design Manager
Norka would love to introduce one of our most critical employees – Jeff Berger, Structural Design Manager. Jeff has been with Norka for over four years now and brought a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience to us – and has allowed us to step up our service offerings to our customers. His favorite part of being a designer is when the response to a design or mockup is “this is EXACTLY what we had in mind!” Although there are always challenges in design, a daily challenge for Jeff is being able to strike a balance between what the customer wants and what is actually able to be achieved in production – sometimes, there is a balance that needs to happen between the initial design and what is machinable – but he is so creative and forward-thinking that solutions are found easily.

Customers come with a series of needs and his job is to always understand that this is an ever-evolving process of creation as needs – and the market – are always changing. Asking too MANY questions is never a bad thing, as far as Jeff is concerned – what is critical is knowing how many factors are taken into account in the overall design process: manufacturability, cost efficiency, structural integrity, uniqueness, eco-friendliness, sustainability, theft prevention. The list goes on! Whatever your folding carton packaging needs, know that we have an amazing resource in place to be able to think outside the box (yes, we had to go there), get your products packaged for maximum shelf impact – and count on the rest of the Norka team to deliver the results faster than the current market. Contact us today to learn how we can refresh, revise, redesign and recalibrate your packaging needs!



E-Commerce Packaging and Online Shopping Patterns

E-Commerce Packaging

E-Commerce for 2021 and beyond – the impact on companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods space and how to respond to changing consumer buying patterns through your packaging

COVID-19 and the resulting changes in consumer buying habits continue to redefine so much of what was “normal” just a short year ago. Social distancing and the need for continued convenience have led to a marked increase in online ordering and grocery delivery. By 2023, online grocery spending will reach $129 billion, nearly 10% of total grocery sales.

And, did you know that for the 2020 holiday season, more than 75% of customers shopped online? With the continuing rise of e-commerce, consumers no longer feel the same drive to visit brick-and-mortar stores when what they are looking for can be delivered right to their doors.

In just one month, a survey of U.S. adults revealed a vast shift from physical to digital shopping. Check out these significant results:
On March 10, 2020, 13% of consumers reported online shopping purchasing events. On April 10, 2020, that number increased to 41% of consumers moving towards online shopping and purchasing portals one month later.

Groceries are far from the only products that U.S. internet users have delivered directly to their doors during the pandemic. Here’s the percentage of adults and what they now actively purchase online:

Online Shopping Patterns

online purchase categories

Chance is? You are one of these shoppers.

What’s driving this dramatically increased change in buying behaviors?  You cannot overlook the role that a global pandemic has had on the retail in-store level’s massive changes.

This trend does not only impact giant retailers. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are also adapting, with nearly two-thirds expecting to lean more heavily on online sales in the future. How much will U.S. SMBs rely on e-commerce post-pandemic?

Here’s what one survey showed as the future predictors:

30.7% Rely the same amount on e-commerce

34.8% Rely somewhat more on e-commerce

31.6% rely much more on e-commerce

3% rely much less on e-commerce

That is absolutely noteworthy!

Based on the new consumer buying habits and patterns, it is highly likely that these numbers should remain consistently on the increase for the future than the pre-COVID-19 established shopping behaviors. 

With this drastic increase and move to e-commerce platforms for so many businesses, let Norka help with a new look at your folding cartons for the e-commerce selling space. 

Do you need all the bells and whistles for printing and finishing required for shelf space and visibility? Do you need sturdier folding cartons that will need to survive shipping in smaller corrugate cartons – and not have the solid, safe surroundings shrink-wrapped with bumpers on a pallet? What can the Norka team provide as you expand further into this E-Commerce space?

This market change has been a boon for packaging and points the spotlight of sustainability on the industry. Brands are using paper packaging as a sustainable choice to get their products delivered to customers. And with so many options available to the brand owner, let the Norka team help you with the myriad of details to provide folding carton packaging cost-effectively as well as adhering to sustainability requirements. According to Nielsen, in 2018, 81% of global consumers felt strongly that companies should help the environment. We are here to help and fully support the best packaging practices and what you need to know. 

Call us today to get some new designs started for this ever-changing E-Commerce world. 

Click here to download this case study.

New Printing Press: 2013 Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR

Norka Inc. Gains Precision and Efficiency in In-House Production with the Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR

The Midwest-based company has invested in new machinery that will allow faster, cleaner, and more efficient UV production in the local facility.

Norka Inc Wisconsin Heidelberg Photos UV printing 2 Norka Inc Wisconsin Heidelberg Photos UV printing 3 side

Norka Inc., a leading printer and converter of paperboard packaging, proudly announces it has added a 2013 Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR to its lineup of printing presses and machinery.  The printing press addition allows Norka, Inc. approximately 102 million impressions and will increase efficiency for the company in the long run. 

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Get an Artisan, Hand-Crafted Package Design with Kraft Cartons by Norka

Natural Packaging Options by Norka Inc

There are many design choices to consider when finalizing your product packaging. Elements like color, shape, size, and overall aesthetic are critical to your product’s performance on the shelf.


Norka Inc. keeps a close eye on the latest trends in the packaging and design industry. The ‘natural’ packaging look – with unbleached materials, natural brown appearance, and a hand-crafted artisan appeal – is increasing in popularity. Bending chip has always been a very common material reserved for inner packs and cartons, and this material is quickly making its way to outer packaging. These packaging materials are being chosen over other options for the attractive natural brown appearance, good printability, and handcrafted feel.


From 100% recycled to virgin grades, various thicknesses and economical materials are available. Whether for retail or inner packs, we can help you to select the best and most cost-effective material for your application.

Benefits to Kraft Cartons:

  • Customized die-cut designs available
  • Low density, high-yield
  • 100% recyclable to virgin grades
  • Multiple board weight options
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for natural/organic products


Norka offers a variety of Packaging and Prototyping Options, including:

100% Recycled Board

Our recycled board contains a minimum of 35% post-consumer content and 65% pre-consumer content. Packaging products using recycled board is a great way to meet customers rising expectations for environmentally responsible packaging.

SFI Certified Board

The virgin fiber board we use comes from mills that are certified to the Sustainable Forest Initiative to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Soy Based Inks

High-performance low VOC inks from environmentally friendly raw materials.

Aqueous Coatings
We use water-based protective coatings to provide a high gloss surface, protecting the surface from fingerprints, dirt, smudges, and scratching. They make an excellent eco-friendly alternative to conventional varnishes or UV coatings.

Minimizing Carton Size
Norka’s design experts will work with you to deliver maximum packaging and display performance while minimizing the amount of packaging material used. This results in less waste to the environment and lower cost to you.


Contact Norka Inc. for Hand-Crafted Package Design today!


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norkas in house paper converting capabilities

Norka’s In-House Paper Converting Capabilities

Norka’s In-House Paper Converting Capabilities

High-quality stock materials and sheeting to your exact specifications – It’s what sets Norka apart.

We know you have many options in choosing the best Printing and Converting partner for your company’s needs. Norka, Inc. provides its customers with more than just impressive product packaging design and cost savings. Due to our unique in-house converting process, Norka provides its customers with extremely fast turnaround times on customized printing and packaging orders.

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