Dull & Plain = Big Money Savers!

Sure, these may look like dull and plain cartons, but these are money-saving bad boys of packaging! An e-commerce platform (you know who we are talking about!) charged a customer for the overall outer dimensions of a plastic pouch, including the air inside the plastic bag that was supposed to protect the products during shipment.

That customer approached Norka looking for different ideas. Our team developed a carton that fit the products precisely with improvement—by reducing the need for all the costly air as padding, printing a one-color item (for easy warehouse fulfillment), and solving this supply chain issue in less than five weeks (including providing mockup samples, art proofing, and production)!

With this ever-growing segment of this product, our customer is delighted to be able to order higher volumes at the best pricing and select the product in releases from Norka’s vast warehouse space.

The world of e-commerce doesn’t always need full graphics, but it DOES need tremendous and cost-effective solutions.

Let us know how we can assist with retail packaging as well as the ever-evolving e-commerce world – and streamline costs with the design and manufacturing capabilities found at Norka!

Meet Peter Berg, Quality Manager for Norka Inc.

Meet Peter Berg, Quality Manager for Norka Inc.

PB: Quality is about opportunity – for Norka AND for our customers.  We are committed to delivering defect free cartons, on-time, and within budget, that not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether it is a basic straight-line carton without print, a complex auto-bottom with an inner cell and elaborate art, or a blister card with gloss UV, we are confident we can produce high quality paperboard packaging to help market any brand. This is an opportunity for our customers to set themselves apart from their competitors at retail or e-commerce markets.

As a company, Norka has made large investments in training our employees and purchasing new testing equipment to guarantee the packaging we produce is the highest quality, with consistent color, and opens properly on any automated filling machine or by hand. Our cartons are tested and statistically analyzed by our Quality department to prove our product is manufactured to the highest level of industry standards, both color and functionality. Does the carton function properly and does the carton look awesome? Yes and yes.  It’s as simple as that.

Being the Quality Manager, and working directly with the sales team, I feel personally responsible for the product we deliver to our customers, day in and day out. I enjoy problem solving and take massive pride in the work we do at Norka.  Outside of work, I enjoy golfing, spending time on the lake with my family, and working in my yard. Like a printing geek, my favorite color is Reflex Blue.