New Printing Press: 2013 Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR

Norka Inc. Gains Precision and Efficiency in In-House Production with the Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR

The Midwest-based company has invested in new machinery that will allow faster, cleaner, and more efficient UV production in the local facility.

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Norka Inc., a leading printer and converter of paperboard packaging, proudly announces it has added a 2013 Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR to its lineup of printing presses and machinery.  The printing press addition allows Norka, Inc. approximately 102 million impressions and will increase efficiency for the company in the long run. 

The 2013 Heidelberg CX102-7+LX + Cutstar UV/IR boasts impressive specs, including: 

  • In-line UV and blister 
  • open capacity for UV and blister
    • UV Rendering
    • spot-gloss for contrast
  • high two coatings
  • up to 25 sheets
  • 28 x 40 inch seven-color format

Fully Equipped with: 

  • Axis Control
  • Carton kit
  • Programmable washes
  • Filterstar
  • Combistar 
  • Inkstar
  • Coatingstar
  • Preset Plus Feeder
  • CX model – 16,500 sph
  • Extended Delivery X4
  • Preset Plus Delivery
  • Non-Stop Feeder
  • Non-Stop Delivery
  • Powderstar AP 500
  • CleanStar
  • Drystar Combination
  • IR dryer
  • Foil Package
  • Prinect Image control – Next Generation
  • Wall screen
  • S/W Instantgate
  • S/W Press Center Color Assistant
  • S/W Press Center Instant Start
  • IST UV – End of Press 3 x Lamps
  • IST UV Interdeck x 3 Lamps (movable all units)

Norka Inc Wisconsin Heidelberg Photos UV printing 4

Faster, Cleaner Printing Production with Norka, Inc.

Norka, Inc.’s added features and faster processes allow us to serve our customers in exciting, eye-catching ways. Norka understands the unique needs of paperboard packaging, and we know that a carton that performs flawlessly for the manufacturer, the brand owner, and the consumer is essential.

Norka, Inc. is committed to growing our company with modern equipment, experienced staff, and a variety of value-added services. We have the tools to deliver on your expectations. Learn more about Paperboard Packaging by Norka, Inc. today!

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