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Norka Inc Brings On New Colter & Peterson CHM Precision Sheeter

Norka Welcomes New Machinery for More Capabilities and Higher Precision

Norka is excited to announce the addition of new machinery to our floor! After a long testing and vetting process between several sheeting systems and machines, the team at Norka decided to purchase a new CHM 1700 precision sheeter from Colter & Peterson. Our choice to bring on another sheeter came from a need to take on greater workloads and serve more customers than ever before. This means that Norka is able to take on larger projects faster and with greater precision. The upfront costs will soon be offset by the return on investment expected by the machine’s capabilities.

Norka is a specialty converter of paperboard packaging and paper based in Wisconsin. It’s extremely valuable that our company is able stay versatile and continue to expand our offerings to our customers. We want to make sure that we have the best tools and machinery available to ensure precision and quality at every step.

The Decision to Work with Colter & Peterson

It’s no surprise that we chose a Colter & Peterson Precision Sheeter. Norka Inc has worked with Colter & Peterson machinery in the past, and we’re very satisfied with the results of their products.

“Our maintenance manager has worked with Colter & Peterson for over 25 years and has an excellent rapport with them,” remarked Dustin Utschig, Norka’s Chief Operating Officer. “Besides Colter & Peterson, we also considered another sheeting system. We looked at and compared the capabilities of what we needed it for, which is everything from broad sheets to gloss photo paper.” 

“Colter & Peterson set us up with a customer in Rochester, New York, so we scheduled a test at Flower City Printing. We saw the CHM 1700 run there, everything went well and we made our decision.”

Our satisfaction with this sheeter brand, as well as the results of our testing process, lead Norka Inc to ultimately choose the Colter & Peterson. Overall, we felt that this machine would produce superior results for all of our customers, new and existing.

“Historically, we have bought new/used equipment. The CHM 1700 is our first true, all new machine within the converting department,” says Utschig. “We are not a high volume operation so feet per minute is not our thing. Quality and reduced waste are premiums, and reducing dust, static and curl situations is important. The machine also gives us the flexibility for multiple substrates to meet customer needs and is operator friendly.The set-up and blade changes are easy and since it is new, it’s a really nice showpiece. The machine is clean and quiet and great for our customers to see in operation.”

As part of the Visual Pak family of companies, Norka’s management is always on the outlook for giving its 85 employees top flight equipment to work with. The CHM 1700 precision sheeter fits the description, doing so with a small footprint inside Norka’s 101,000 square-foot building.

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Paperboard and Folding Cartons by Norka

Norka plans to utilize this new sheeter to provide paperboard and folding cartons that are used mostly in the retail space. By providing quality, affordable packaging and package design, Norka ensures that all customer products stand out on the shelves and are fully protected.

Norka isn’t the only one excited about the new sheeter. Not only were we featured on the VisualPak blog and featured in the mailing list, but Norka Inc was also featured on to announce the purchase of the sheeter machine.

Norka is extremely excited about what this new addition means our customers’ businesses and the future of our company.

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