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Paperboard Folding Carton Solutions

Norka serves industry with folding cartons, blister cards and other paperboard packaging that looks good and performs well in your production environment. We are a highly competitive and flexible supplier. Because of our range of production capabilities, Norka is equally well-equipped to convert low-volume hand-erected cartons and high-volume cartons used in automated filling lines.

Design and prototyping One-Stop Shop for all your production needs Blister cards and chipboard production
Design and prototyping Our production capabilities include: Other
Designing the perfect carton for your application is our goal. Our sales team and structural designers are trained to look at every aspect of your production environment to ensure the packaging we create fits your needs precisely. This application-centered approach to design works well for new packaging items as well as existing packaging that might benefit from a redesign Highly-productive presses, die-cutters and folder-gluers Norka's roots are in paperboard packaging. But now as a proud member of The Visual Pak Companies, we go beyond paperboard and can act as a single source for an expanded range of packaging needs, including:
Internal sheeting operations
Flexible inventory-management and hold-release programs Thermoformed plastic trays and blister packaging
Blister cards
POP displays, warehouse club packs, secondary packaging

Paperboard Folding Cartons
At Norka, we design and print paperboard folding cartons to meet your needs. There are many styles and materials available, and our paperboard is environmentally friendly.

Paperboard Material
There are four types of paperboard:

  • Solid bleached sulfate (SBS)
  • Clay coat news back (CCNB)
  • Clay coat kraft back (CCKB)
  • Kraft

When choosing paperboard material, first consider uses, benefits, and capabilities. Then consider print quality, strength of the carton, and environmental impact.

Paperboard Printing

  • SBS material provides crisp colors to make yourbox stand out — inks tend to absorb much nicer
  • CCNB is a cost-effective option
  • CCKB paperboard is used to maintain the structural integrity of the carton
  • Kraft material is not recommended for printing

Paperboard Thickness

  • Decide what point (the standard unit of measurement) of thickness of paper to use for your packaging
  • Most paper is bought in 2 point increments, usually starting with 10 point for a box and going all the way up to 24 point for printing
  • 16 and 24 point boxes are the most commonly ordered thicknesses
Blister Card / Clamshell

Blister Card/Clamshell

  • A popular packaging solution — customer is able to see the product
  • Space saving in a master carton
  • High degree of design flexibility


  • Allows counter top dispensing of many products
  • Available with a bottom opening tray for gravity feed
Standard Reverse Tuck

Standard Reverse Tuck

  • Ends tuck and lock on opposite panels
  • More cost-effective than a Same Side Tuck End, since more cartons print on a sheet

Reverse-Side Tuck End with Hang Panel

Reverse-Side Tuck End with Hang Panel

  • Provides more space for advertising, as well as a hole which can be used for hanging

Tuck Top with Auto Bottom

Tuck Top with Auto Bottom

  • Allows immediate assembly on the production line
  • Top of the paperboard carton tucks in and the bottom pops into place automatically

Standard Straight Tuck

Standard Straight Tuck

  • Glued box with each end folding and locking on the same side
  • Better graphic presentation — tucks are on the back of the carton
  • A fifth panel can be added for hanging on pegs, creating additional space for graphics

Walker Lock Tray with Tuck Top

Walker Lock Tray with Tuck Top

  • Unglued carton will need to be folded when assembled
  • Three layers of paperboard for added strength. Top opens and closes with a tuck to the inside of carton

Set Up Boxes

Set Up Boxes

  • Pre-assembled rigid boxes
  • Fast to load and strong construction

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

  • Bottom is not pre glued — it has four flaps that are folded and locked to form the bottom
  • Less expensive to manufacture, but requires more time to assemble

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